[Wanted] 19" trials rim

I am looking for a good trials rim, i dont care if it is used as long as it is true and doesn’t have big dents. And also im looking for a hub/crankset aswell.

You can get the KH rim or Alex DX32 rim off of UDC for a really cheap price.

I dont have a rim to sell to you, some one else might, but just keep in mind that they arent that expensive to buy new.

wats udc?

UDC is the abreviation for Unicycle.com.

yer i though so. also would i need to get new spokes if i get a 19" rim?

yep you will need new spokes.

i may have a dx 32 rim lying around that you could buy. i also have some spokes that are the right length for it when it is build into a crappy taiwanese hub.


I’ve got a DX32 you can buy with the spokes and most of a crappy broken hub.

It’s got a fair few scratches on the side from me trying to get the tire off with a shifter, but it’s straight, the sratches are only cosmetic…I think.

Pm me if you want to buy it.

I know that Kacy (kactheacy) has a 19" try all never before laced rim for $49. i dont know if that guy took it though. Anyway, here is the link:For sale: never been laced Try-All 19" drilled rim

Sorry, I just realized that you live in Australia, and he lives East Coast USA. Shipping would cost a fortune…