WANTED 160mm Profile BMX Crank Arms


I’m looking for a pair of Profile BMX 160 / 165mm crank arm.
I bought a wrong pair 180mm and now my son can’t use his bike.
Thank you.

Is it for a bike or a unicycle? If its for a bike this is probably the wrong place to be asking because the profile unicycle cranks don’t have the mount for the chain ring.

They don’t? I thought they did. At least you can see it in the pic’s.

Hmm, you are right actually. I thought I remember reading somewhere they they didn’t, or that they were ground off. In the picture of the cranks on UDC you can’t see it either:

But if you check out the hub/crank assembly they show them so you are correct:

My mistake.

Yeah, I thought thinking that was funny when I say them on ucd.

Profile doesn’t seem enough into unicycling to make a crank specific, that other picture might just be 2 left cranks. That would be my guess.

Im guessing the right cranks are the ones on their side, hiding the part. :slight_smile:

Lol, me too. I’m grinding my right Profile crank down in a bit.