[WANTED] 160mm+ KH Moment Cranks

I’m looking for some KH Moment cranks that are 160mm or longer. I’m not sure the exact sizes that were made, but something between 160mm and 170mm would be great.

Do you specifically need KH cranks? Or any ISIS crancks would work? I’ve found a bunch of e-bike 165mm cranks online. They may be a solution for you!

They definitely don’t have to be Moments, I just thought I’d see if someone had a pair they would let go of. I’ve been looking at the Ebike cranks, I just know the KH cranks are super stout and I like the silver finish.

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The new spirits are still in stock here:

137/165 but of course these are at a new price rather than second hand. But it is a dying size so may be a good thing to get them before they’re gone if you like this size.

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I was hoping for moments that don’t have the disc mounts because I run an inboard disc. All aesthetics obviously.

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So are Nimbus VCX+ ISIS Cranks - 114/142/170mm (Polished) for much the same price if new really is an option.

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