Wanted: 145mm used profiles

I want a set of profiles, hub and crankset, 145 mm. does anyone have these for sale? new or used (preferably used) with their warranty if you have it. id also take just the cranks or just the used hub.

Ask the person who stole my MUni. They have the Profile hub and 145mm cranks, and I have the garauntee. They probably don’t have any use for it apart from selling it (maybe it’s already sold). Only problem is I don’t know who took it, so keep an eye out for a black Wilder 6160c with CF Airseat and reeder handle.

this won’t help you find your MUni, but… if you have the guarantee, but not the cranks, can you get them replaced using the warranty?

sold mine already, i cant remember where they went either. maybe GB4…? ask him,maybe he never used them or didnt like them, its worth a shot.

I’m looking to trade my profile 170 cranks for some 145’s 150’s or 160’s if anyone is interested…

Sadly, I don’t think so. The warranty covers breakage and defects and stuff like that. It is not insurance against theft- I should have got that myself. I investigated getting insurance once upon a time but found out that my unicycle was covered by my parents house and contents insurance, so I delayed getting my own insurance. They moved to China and I went flatting, and I didn’t think to get unicycle insurance with all the other bills I faced. It will teach me a lesson but hopefully the unicycle might surface in the next few years. There are so few unicyclists that hopefully someone will recognise it and let me know.

sorry about your uni Rowan. id kill that guy if i found him. jagur, you say that GB4 might have profiles for sale?

Both my profile sets are used, and I haven’t found myself in the position of testing the warranties on them yet (I don’t have the warranty card). I get the feeling it will be more complicated to get them warrantied without the card, but i figure it’s still possible. I think the profile warranty is only for the original owner, though, as are maggie waranties.