[WANTED] 145mm splined qu-ax cranks

I’ve been looking lately for some shorter cranks (145mm) for my Qu-Ax. UDC’s out of them until november, and anyway, they seem too expensive new.

Anybody got a pair (10 spline) ? I have some things I can trade for them, like a plastic base freestyle seat, some plastic pedals (9/16"), some griptape, and then I’d pay the difference, depending on quality.

I’m confused. Do you have 145s and want shorter ones or do you have something longer than 145 and want 145s?

Because I was looking to by the 20" qu-ax but the 145s are longer than what I want, so I may be looking for about the same thing as you.

how much more simple can it get.
the title says [WANTED] 145mm splined qu-ax cranks

Ummm…yeah. I want 145mm cranks for my 24" muni. But it’s really not that important now, as I’m building a 29er for around campus.

145 is pretty short for a MUni.