[Wanted] 125mm Steel cranks and more...

Looking to pick up a set of 125mm steel cranks, also a Unicycle.com 36 hole hub. Would consider really cheap splined, like a Quax but it would have to be cheap. Also need bearing cap hardware. Let me know.

i have 112mm square taper black cranks if interested…fresh out of 125’s though. They’re pretty cheap on UDC and might be worth getting new.

Depends where you are. I have tried 112’s on a 29’er and it was actually pretty fast, so maybe this owuld be a good alternative. Tell me how much you want for them and we can start there.

$10 plus whatever shipping comes out to for shipping from Indiana zip 47901. I think I also have an extra bearing cap set.

That would e sweet, do you take Paypal, or do I send you cash, or what???