Wanted: 125mm moments

I currently have 125mm ventures and i dont like them very much at all because they are straight with no taper on them so i hit my ankles on the cranks :angry:

So if anyone out there has some 125mm moments that they are getting rid of and arent bent or to badly destroyed please contact me:)

I am also thinking about buying 125mm moments or ventures. If you are selling yours I might buy them.

im gonna keep my ventures as back ups just in case anything goes wrong with the moments.

I would go ahead and get the moments if i were you because the ventures are straight cranks so you end up hitting your ankle on the cranks and its really annoying cause it hurts like hell :angry:

Dont get me wrong or anything the ventures are some good cranks in the smaller size, they are tough and cheap so if you want a variety of sizes youll be set. I havent took the ventures off of anything big yet so i cant tell how strong they are. Im gonna do some intense riding tomorrow tho so ill tell yeah how they go