[WANTED] 12" uni.

im lookin for a 12 inch uni. it looks like fun and could be a fun addition to my show. so if someone has one they want to sell p.m. me.



you should probably wait more than 13 hours to bump your own thread. seriously.

you should probably keep the criticism for someone who cares:)

…especially in a forum where days can go by before each new thread is created. what’s the point of moving your post up one slot? two slots?

how much are you willing to spend on one?

less than 100 CAN including shipping

good luck with that.

shipping and border tax on my new trials uni was already over 100$

hes not looking for a trials uni though

The fact that it was a trials uni has nothing to do with the shipping issues of the border. He just experienced the horrifying fees of the border with his trials uni. But if you factor those in I think you might be able to get a 12" off of unicycle.com for 100 bucks, its 80 bucks with shipping and conversion so my guess is that as long as you specifically ask them to send it through usps instead of ups then all they should add is tax which in ontario would come out to
about 95. But you would also need to buy a super sized seat post for it, so that might be a bit more of a pain, but if you give unicycle.com a call they might be able to hook you up.

no, tappin the point of the little uni is to have it be small a big seat post would defeat the purpose.