[Wanted] 12" or 16" Children's Uni

I’m looking to buy a 12" or 16" uni for my daughters.
I can get one for $50-60 off udc but I’d like something less expensive to see if there’s interest.(I’ve got ebay covered also)

If you have one you want to sell let me know.


sorry to say but i wouldnt expect a 12" i was lookin for one a wek or two agao and kno one had one. are you daughters not big enough for a 20"?

No they have an inseam of 18-19"… according to udc a 12" is good for a 20" inseam and a 16" is good for a 21" inseam so either way I think I’ll need to chop down the neck… (I have a few 20"ers here and they’re way to big)

wouldnt you be able to chop the seat post on a 20 so that its like frame to seat linkage almost? it might save you some money

It would still be too big for her…

umm yup your right there. get a hold of darren at bedford. he has a 16" uni for $195 which may be a bit much. i kno torker makes a 16" aswell

udc has 12" and 16" for $50-60 like I mentioned in the first post that I could get but I’m just keeping my eye out for a used one.

ok then best of luck to you in your search.

Bought a 16" off ebay