want unicycle recommendation for my sons

I bought an inexpensive 20" unicycle from some catalogue a few years ago for our two sons to learn on, and we’d like to get them unicycles of their own now. They’re both in college and enjoy cycling in the driveway when they’re at home, but neither of them would consider himself a strong cyclist. One of them can juggle while cycling, but he hasn’t been able to learn to back up yet. I don’t think they are particularly interested in touring.

So what kind of unicycles would you recommend that I buy them? Should they be 24", are there some brands that you would suggest, should I avoid getting a used unicycle from ebay? There are so many models and features, wide price ranges, and I could use some guidance. Someone here was suggesting Torker unicycles, and I see new 24" INCH UNICYCLE TORKER CX FREE STND UNICYCLES UNISTAR for about $100 including shipping on ebay (“Buy it now”). I welcome all comments.


One of the best unicycle for learning and beginner use is the Torker LX. The CX is of less quality and isnt worth it.

Id stay away from used unicycles on ebay, and think it would be better to find a new Torker LX on there to get. They run pretty cheap even when they are new.

The 20" or 24" are both great sizes. The 20" is easier to learn on and learn tricks with, but the 24" will be better for cruising along. No huge distances, but it will be a lot quicker on the 24" than the 20" to zip down to the store or to the next class. So find out what they are more interested in. Just messing around in the driveway - 20". Possibly using the uni to get places or go on longer rides - 24".

Yeah the Torker LX is better for what you want. BeyondBikes.com has them for something like $110 or so.

$100 is a good price for an LX.
a 24" is very good for getting around and just riding.
a 20" is better if you want to get into tricks and things.

or if you want to get a unicycle more geared towards tricks than an LX, there are the nimbus trials (about $250) that will last a long time even under use for tricks of all varieties

Thanks for your responses. You’ve been a good help.