Want: Trials Uni $100-$300

I am looking for a good trials uni for cheap. Maybe Onza, Kris Holm, Koxx-one, Qu-ax, Dx, etc. If any of you have one to sell tell me.



hey i have a nimbus hopply you can have for 325 and you pay shipping the unicycle is like 90% brand new

i had it for 3 weeks but never had time to ride it because of school and homework

Thanks, Anyway

I just bought a numbus isis trials with 137 kh moments for 330 shipped.


its because you probably live in the states…

…and the nimbus trials is a way better uni than the hoppeley.

Custom Uni

Hey i have a 20 in trials with a kh gel seat. It also has an alex d32 rim with dt swiss spokes. Kh one piece hub and cranks. Jim Cilinski pedals, pretty new paint job too. Im looking for around 275. email me if interested colinsmith4@mac.com


zfreak the hoppley is like one of the best unicycles you can get, the crankset alone is 250 bucks!!

And its old technology…The new ISIS cranks blow those old KH out of the water…Nobody wants to buy your uni for $100 more than they can buy one brand new for.

this is a really solid uni, great for trials, but a bit on the heavy side!

I recomend it!

sorry, didn’t work, herehttp://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=795

get this or this,


This Is A Steal $$ Cheap $$ ;] cheaaap

Nimbus Hoppley

Anyone Interested In This??? 300 Bucks!!!