Want to Trade: T7 handle for...

Well, I just had to give the T7 handle a try. I reckon that it’s a darn swell accessory, but I’m convinced that the GB4 handle would work a bit better for my style of riding. The upshot is that I’m looking to trade the lightly used T7 handle for a used rail adaptor (KH or miyata style) and a GB4 (or a right-handed Reeder?) handle. Send a PM if interested. Thanks! --carl

The T7 handle is still available. It looks like a trade scenario won’t work, so how about $60 (and I’ll pay shipping)? --carl

Back to the trade scenario. I learned today, 13 June, that UDC no longer sells GB4 handles, and that it has no plans to restock this item.

My second posting advertised my intent to sell my lightly-used T7 handle (for $60 shipped) and then use the money to purchase a GB4 handle from UDC.

It’s obvious to me now that that second scenario won’t work, and so I’m returning to a modified version of the first scenario, notion of a trade.

Please send me a PM if you’d like to trade your GB4 handle for my T7 handle. Thanks! --carl

in case you dont know, the gb4 handles attach straight to the base, so you would need a carbon fiber or a really strong metal base to use one, or else it will break your seat.

Yes, I know. I’ve used the GB4 handle for two years now one of my Cokers. The handle is attached to a beefed-up Torker air saddle, one with the requisite metal plate stiffener, and I find that it works pretty well.

After reading the rave reviews, I was impelled to purchase the new T7 handle. I tried the T7 on three different unicycles (36, 29, and 26 inch wheels), but I was not favorably impressed with the device. It’s a sturdy handle, and it certainly is convenient to have the handle as an extension of the rail adapter rather than the saddle itself, but I found that the T7 a wee bit too cumbersome for my use. It’s certainly a heavier and longer handle than the GB4. My principal concern is that I find the hand position for the T7 is less comfortable (for me) than is the GB4 (even with remarkable saddle tilt).

Quite honestly, I don’t do any hill-climbing out here in prairieland, and so I’ve no particular need for the superior leverage that the T7 offers. The upshot is that I’m hoping to trade the little-used T7 for another handle that wpuld be more useful. I like the GB4, and I have another beefed-up Torker air saddle that I could affix it to. That’s the long and short of it.

Thanks for the helpful clarification! --carl

When this post started, you were looking for a right handed Reeder. I had a left reeder but I do also have a GB4 with grips that is just missing some paint. I would love to trade you for the T7. I still have your email address, so I will send you an email tomorrow. Thanks, Ben

I have a GB4 and some $$$ to give for your T7. I sent you and email from work, but I am not sure it went through. Please let me know if we can make a deal.

Beener-- Unfortunately, I didn’t receive your recent e-note, but I’ll certainly post you a PM now, Friday evening. Thanks! --carl

Update: The T7 handle is no longer available. (It belongs to Beener now.) --carl