Want to trade 138 mm Isis cranks for shorter

I am ready to move down a crank size so I am looking to trade my Nimbus VCX 138 mm cranks for the next size down VCX which I believe is 125 mm

I purchased the 138’s from unicycle.com a couple of months ago and they have been ridden maybe once or twice a week since then just enough to get used to them and see that I can go down another size so they are in very good condition

I would prefer to keep this in the states to keep shipping cost at a minimum on both ends

I can text pictures to those interested


Maybe keep the 138mm in case you get a bigger wheel, want to climb steep hills or want to muni. They’ll probably come in handy some day. Buy the 125mm pair too though.

How about 3 holes ?

Future proof your cranks.


I don’t mind keeping them but at $65 plus shipping they add up pretty quick so i figured i’d try a swap before i dropped the cash for yet another set.

Got’em and love them! But they are they on my 32” oracle and i am getting the 125’s for my MUni machine. I do only use the 100mm holes these days on the VCX+ though so i guess i could throw them on the 27.5 for the 125 hole and get a set of dedicated 100’s for the 32”… hmmm maybe i will if a trade does not happen

Sun makes super inexpensive 127mm cranks that I think are pretty good quality. I have two pairs, one on my trials uni, one on a road uni, and never had any problems.

They have a pretty wide q-factor though, compared to the venture type cranks that have almost none. You’ll end up with a wider stance, which might or might not matter.

Here’s one on ebay

Says its gender: MENS. In unmissable capital letters too. :frowning:

Here I am, thinking cranks (and unicycles for that matter) were gender non specific.
Thanks EBay.

I guess I wont buy them then

[Spoiler] (Not that would anyway due to horrendous shipping charges to Aus). [/Spoiler]

Well that’s awesome! I knew sun made a unicycle with a ISIS hub but I never thought to look at sun Cranks. I will be ordering A set of these and I will hold on to the 138’s. thanks much!