want to swop......

I wish to swop 127mm. cranks for152 mm.
Mine are 1-QU-AX PRO 127 aluminium alloy with Q angle +
Cranks are in perfect condition . I am in Hemel Hempstead Herts.:slight_smile:


i CAN’T trade but are you willing to sell?

cotterless well i can swap you some bent cranks :smiley: (not so perfect condition) but i will buy list a price

I have way to many pares of strait 150s and need more 125s but I think postage would cost more than the cranks.

Bridge too far…

Dear Gangstertaco,
Thanks for the offer.I should have mentioned I am in Englad = to far to mes around with such a small thing.All the best Uniwitold. :slight_smile:

It’s a long way to Manitoba…

Dear Nicf, Thanks for the offer.The postage would cost more than the object worth.Keep well.Uniwitold.:slight_smile:

You are…

Your are dead right!Thanks for reply.36 years ago I have ,nearly landed, in your Province.But…it was not to be.All best.Uniwitold.:slight_smile:

I wish to close this therad

Not any longer.I’v decided to buy a pair neded.Thanks for the attention.Uniwitold.:smiley: