Want to share a room at NAUCC 2007 in Michigan?

Just wanted to start a thread telling people I have a room reserved at the Best Western for NAUCC '07. I have the room from Saturday and leaving on Wednesday. It has two queen beds and right now it’s only myself. Would love to help reduce the cost and share it with one or a couple different people. Post here if interested.

I am filming an airshow the weekend of july 27-28, and was planning on stopping by naucc from sunday night, and staying for a day or two. If no one else wants your room for longer, I would love to take two nights of your bill :slight_smile:

So your leaving ONE wheel for TWO wings :thinking:

a film crew hired me and joel burgess for the weekend :slight_smile:

(but joel intends to stay till the end)

and I’m not saying the Thunderbirds are going to be more exciting to watch from beyond general spectator’s range limits than a NAUCC group routine…) (yes i know everyone still looks up, that’s not the point)

I’m staying at the best western. It’ll be awesome meeting a level ten rider.:slight_smile:

I’ll count you in as of right now Brian! If something changes I’ll be sure to let you know ASAP.

Great. But I’m telling you right now. Those aren’t two pillows.

Is it too late to ask if anyone else needs a place to stay & if they’re interested in splitting a room?

I’ve got a room in the Toronto Unicyclists club block at Best Western and it’s two double (or two queen?) beds and so far it’s just me. I was hoping my best friend was coming out but I’m pretty sure he’s working.

As long as I get a part of a bed I really odn’t care how many other people stay with me, because it’ll make things cheaper in the long run :smiley:

No, not too late at all! I’d love to split costs and share a room with you. I also have a room reserved at the Best Western but it’s a smoking with 2 queens. I don’t smoke (at least cigarettes) but it’s all they had left so I reserved it. Anyhow, I don’t care what room we use, just so we cancel one of them ahead of time or give it to someone else that needs one but couldn’t reserve one cause they were sold out. The only response I’ve gotten so far was from Brain who said he might need a place to crash. I’m also all for the more people we can fit into one room the cheaper and better! Let me know what you want to do. BTW-What days are you planning on staying? I will be there Saturday night and leave Wednesday.

hes not actaully that great haha just kidding jamey your way fun to be with.

will so joel is staying the whole time brian?

Bump~ Lilfunky1 what’s going on? Figure anything out?

joel is planning on staying till the end, but i haven’t talked to him about his room plans, i’ll find out what he’s doing…(jamey, you never got my PM?)


My room has been booked for Saturday night to Tuesday night so I’m a day shorter than you. Although I DID book the Wednesday off work so I could stay an extra day as well if you’ve booked it already.

I’m just curious who’s paying what since I booked with the Toronto Unicyclists group rate & I’m wondering if your room or my room has any difference in price before cancelling.

Sorry for delays in posting. I’m in the middle of Harry Potter right now. I need to finish before next weekend so I won’t get distracted whilst competing!

i can no longer come to NAUCC, thanks anyways Jamey