want to sell your lift handle.

this thread may be a long shot but i figured i’d give it shot anyway.i called uni.com and they are all out of Black Wilder lift handles (i dont want to the cream one) so if you have a Wilder lift handle and need some cash,im here for ya.

You could always rit dye the creme colored one if all else fails. By the way, where do I find stainless Coker spokes?

Now that I think about it, what is the best deal on a Gazz tire?

On second thought, what is the best gear ratio for a giraffe?

Rit dye is for fabric, i doubt it would have any effect on plastic.

Sofa,are you jakkin my thread already?

Now that you mention it, if I’m dyeing my shirt with Rit dye, how long do I soak it?

what is this?a conspiracy?

anyway U-Turn Rit dye is pretty lame stuff really.the longer you soak it the longer it will take to fade but it will always fade even after that first rinse in cold water.

find a Hippy that makes good tye-dyes,see what they are useing,Rit is a pretty crappy product.the pills being slighty crappyier than the liquid.

The Unicycle Factory can cut stainless steel Coker spokes. I’m going to get some soon. It will be in the $90 range for a set including shipping. Let me know if you’re interested in getting some stainless Coker spokes so we can pool an order. Some of the cost is labor charge for setup on the spoke cutting machine. Pooling an order will spread the setup cost over more spokes and reduce the cost per spoke.

Sorry Jagur

thats alright,i love green tea.somtimes in the morning i have Earl Grey,that really gets me going…but what if your kite winds around a power line?

                                                                                                                                                                                               I have used Rit Dye for many things from parts for remote controlled cars to bike parts (once did a 20" mag wheel for a kids bike to go on my trailer).  You know those MRP chain guide pulleys, the brite orange ones, they can be dyed.  Plastics and nylons dye well.  I did try dying the stock Miyata grab handle and rear guard, the front turned blue and the rear went dark green (originaly being green), I was trying for black.  Initial color does make a difference if you want a lighter one.  You would have to boil it on your stove for 5 to 20 minutes, make sure you have wet rags around to pick up anything the goes over and a stronger solution will work better and faster.  For clothing, I would read the instructions.
                                                                                                                                                                                               Let me know when and how you want to procede.  I will be changing servers soon so my email will probably be going to.  Currently [email]bobmtb@aol.com[/email].

Re: want to sell your lift handle.

If you are interested I suppose I could sell you a CF/kevlar handle like Scott Stephens and I are using. See Thread
We have been banging them around for almost 4 months without a failure. They are black, and I can make you a black Miyata replica rear bumper. Do to lack of time I still have not gotten my act together to actually produce these in any quantity, but you have been contemplating your handle purchase for so long I feel compelled offer you one of the prototypes. PM me if you are interested.

Scott Wallis

Tommi does a great job. If you don’t want to do 4-cross and need to calculate 3-cross length, the ERD I’ve come up with for the Airfoil is 760mm. I would be grateful if someone would check my work.

Get a fiberglass ladder and be very careful (NOT). But just in case, what fiberglass ladders are a good buy?

I as well am waiting for my handles that are on backorder. I would be delighted if you could extend the offer you made with jagur out to me. Let me know in a PM.