Want to Rent a Giraffe in DC


I’m traveling to Washington DC at the end of the month for a juggling gig on Memorial day, and I’d like to do some tall unicycling. The problem is, my only tall unicycle is a three-wheeler, and it would be pretty cost-ineffective for me to bring/ship it up for the gig. SO, I was wondering if any DC-area unicyclists might have a giraffe they’d be willing to rent me for the day. I’ll pay a decent rate, and would be willing to put down a deposit against any damage/loss. It would really be a big help to me, so if anyone can come through I will be extremely grateful.


Luke Eden
The Imperial Opa Circus

I don’t have a giraffe, but could you tell us more about the event. I live with in driving distance.

I’ll be doing promotional walkabout entertainment for a retail company during Memorial Day weekend. It’s a pretty small gig, but I’ll be doing stilt walking, juggling fire and knives, and (hopefully!) riding around on a unicycle. I live in Atlanta and work with The Imperial Opa Circus (www.TheImperialOpa.com). The circus has some personal connections with the company, so they will occasionally hire some of us to perform. Since we have friends of the circus in the area, it’s like a performance-funded vacation :slight_smile:

This will actually be my first time visiting DC, so I’m pretty excited to check out the city (anything I shouldn’t miss?). I just really love unicycling (it’s so fun, right?) so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try and find a way to get one on loan for a day and add a little something extra to my arsenal :wink: