Want to get into it!

Hi all, i would really like to get into unicycling, but, how much am i looking to spend on a beginners bit of kit? also how difficult actually is it to learn the basics? Im about 6 foot tall lol, think that could change some things!

I would suggest getting a 24" Torker Unistar LX for about $100. Unicycling isn’t actually that hard to learn.

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The above uni is a good starter. I recommend it, too.

Have fun!
Post your questions, there is alot of enthusastic help here!

lx 20 is better to learn on

I learned on 24" and I think learning is better on the bigger wheel. also, he is like 6’ tall.

Generally, the smaller the wheel, the easier to learn. That being said, I learned on a 24" and didn’t take an inordinate amount of time to learn. I am over 6’ tall. Even if the learning takes slightly longer on a 24", you’ll end up with a more versatile unicycle in the long run.
Of course if you hang around here, you’ll end up with 1/2 a dozen unicycles some costing upwards of $500.

I think it might be a she… Dont shoot me if Im wrong though.

It depends on where you live, if you are in America then the Torker LX eould be a good learner. If you are in England you wont be able to buy one, you cant get them this side of the pond. If you are in Austrailia or New Zealand then I have no clue sorry.

Hope to be of help, just tell us what country you live in and we could be of more :slight_smile:


I am with all of you guys with the Torker LX 24inch, My 2 friends both have Torker LX’s and i do too! They are very good for beginning! I got my unicycle sunday, so 4 days ago, and i can ride it pretty well, like 500 meters now, and i can bunnyhop. I first thought it would take along time but it didnt. Also ive been practicing 30 minutes - 2 hours a day.

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Yes, last time i check im female. Anyway, my local shop sells unicycles, and there about £90, (about $160), and as much as i want one, i cant justify spending that much money on a one :S.

So your british then, eh? Thats cool, so am I. Ring up UDC (unicycle.com) I believe there number is 0800 980 0711… Thats from memory, they are VERY helpful, believe me. Check their site www.unicycle.uk.com .


I learned to ride 50m on an old and very bad 20". Moving from that to a 24" LX was a wonderful experience. LX is very solid, balanced, and smooth. (I guess that would be true for any modern unicycle though.)

I think learning on a 24" is easier because at least it puts the center of gravity higher. The higher you are, the more time you have to react before you step down. Everything seemed smoother on the bigger wheel.

But I can’t be sure because I’m not comparing a 20" LX to a 24" LX :slight_smile:


What brand is the uni for $160 usd at your lbs?

ok, i suggest the 24"LX … from my experiences the 24" is faster to learn on … esp for taller people :slight_smile:

If you want a unicycle cheap, try ebay for something like this:

20" Chrome Uni. It’s sturdy and competent for the money. If you can afford it go for a unicycle from Roger at www.unicycle.uk.com, but that ebay uni is the best for <£50 I think. A member of our club got one and I put it together for him, and it seems pretty good for £30+p&p.


If you’re older than a teenager, it is hard to learn. But just tell yourself that you will not give up until you’ve practiced for at least X hours. (I told myself 20 because I read it takes 10 - 20 hours to learn for most people.) I was riding by hour 16.

I would just go ahead and get a DX. It’s about 2x the cost of the lx, but about 5x stronger! Rim, hub, cranks, frame, seat…waaaay superior and better resale value. You will grow into it whereas the lx won’t last very long given your height and weight, especially if you start doing drops and stuff.

I have recently learned on a 20" but I’m 5’ 6"(and old).
My younger son is 6’ and learned on a 20" and has been riding for a few years and has never bothered with anything bigger, however when I bought my 26" recently he did say he liked it A LOT.

For a cheap start try here

This is the one I got at Christmas and it’s fine, took my 70kg weight OK. SJS sell these as buy it know for £30 + £7 p&p, but they also auction them and I’ve just had a look at recent past auctions and most of them are going at £23+7 with one as low as £13+7.

Grab a bargain and get riding.:smiley:


I agree, up to a point. If I’d have given myself an arbitrary 20 hours to learn, I would have given up. It took me 80. Not to be discouraging; I’ve never, ever heard of anyone taking that long. I’m just trying to say, it may take longer than you might think but don’t give up. Even if it takes forever, you will get it and it is soooooo worth it. It’s the most fun thing that I do. I can ride for miles now and I ride every single day just because I love it.

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On Mon, 19 Jun 2006 14:51:31 -0500, underdog wrote:

>It took me 80. Not to be
>discouraging; I’ve never, ever heard of anyone taking that long.

I came across two people who took even more time to learn, during my
research for “How long does it take to learn riding?”

(Above link is to the long version which lists the data.)

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