Want to custom make a Uni

Ok, i like to know whats the most common breaks that happen on Unicycles and if u have pictures of the breaks can you please post them so i can see and get a feeling of what be best to stop that from happening.

Cody i better see your Unicycles on here i know u break them all the time :smiley:


i like the site but i want to see more frame brakes then rims and seat post but its nice to see one of cody’s breaks on there lol:D

Seatposts are probably the most common. I broke mine, and so have many many others. They break just below the base where the base is welded to the post itself.

Besides seatposts, not much else breaks that could be majorly improved or in your control.

Most frames break where the seatpost tube and the crown meet. Right at that weld.

Ya i know seat post are common thats why i’m just going to custom make them when i break them, well i’m not going to i’m going to get my grandfather to, he owns his own custom fabricating shop. But i want to custom a frame so i can be different lol

Tha’d be kewl. Just make sure the frame welds are strong, especially connecting the seat tube to the crown. Same goes for the seatpost.

ya thats true we custom alot of transport trucks at his shop so doing a unicycle going to be something different lol

I am pretty sure that magura’s are the most common type of breaks on a uni.
Well if you want to stop people from needing brakes then you need to flatten out everything that people ride on, because most people only need brakes when going downhill.
Here’s your pic:


oh ya i forgot all about breaks, well since its for me i’m not so worry but i may want to think of adding that in incase ppl start want my Uni lol

magura makes BRAKES when your uni falls apart or spits out pieces it BREAKS

sound alike != spelled alike.