Want to buy a multi wheeled unicycle but where?

I am an elementary PE teacher looking for anyone who can tell me where to buy a multi wheeled girafe. I would like one with 3 wheels. Does anyone have one for sale?:slight_smile: Please Help!

One word…Unicycle.com

That 3 wheel stack will not hold up to the abuse of an elementary school PE program. It’s not strong enough. The wheels don’t stay in alignment. There is difficulty in getting the correct friction between the mating wheels. In short, it’s a very problematic design. Not appropriate for anything beyond casual use. I would not suggest that one for a PE program or for a unicycle club.

The multi-wheel stacks that hold up are custom made and built like a tank.

There is a PE program at the North Bend Elementary School in North Bend Washington that has a large unicycle program (The Panther Pride Demo Team). They have several multi-wheel stacks. You can contact them to find out where they got their stacks made.

There are also people in the forum here who have built multi-wheel stacks.

I’m currently gathering parts for a two-wheeler with two 12" wheels. Luckily, with such small wheels and only two of them I don’t have to worry as much about alignment going wrong and things braking. I’m just getting a framebuilder to cut down a 20" frame a little bit and add some fork leg extensions to the bottom.


i’m gonna be making one for my club quite soon hopefully. a three-wheeler (16") so it’s not too tall but still really interesting and impressive for performances.

i’ve based my designs on the DM multi-wheelers, which are VERY strong. i don’t have any pictures of them(you might be able to find one on the net) but they seem to be a really good design.

the DMs won’t come cheap though, i’m not sure about the cost but i’m sure one would stand up to the rigours of your PE class.


I build frame extenders that attached to a Schwinn unicycle.

See pic here

That was very heavy and not very precise but it worked well for the short time I had it. I have 5 sets of the frame extenders that you can have if you can arrange to pick them up or pay the shipping. They’re not really worth much though and they will only work for a unicycle that has a flat blade fork (Schwinn).

I then contacted Steve Howard who made the most amazing frame I’ve ever seen! (it’s the red one on the right if you couldn’t tell)

See pic here

It’s difficult to see the detail but it’s great. I’ve not yet spent a great deal of time on it to gauge the durability but it feels very solid and I don’t expect any trouble.