want to buy 36" unicycle

as described above, i’m looking for a commuting unicycle. 36" would be great. reipoom@gmail.com

under 150$ please… whatever price just email me as long as it isn’t too much

redic… i’m not going to pay 300,400,500$ for a bike that’s a million times simpler than a bicycle

Simpler than a bicycle, but more specialised.

Assuming you’re talking about this unicycle you want not a bike.

I don’t think you will get one for that cheap.

Good luck.

The cost isn’t ridiculous, by the way. It has nothing to do with the simplicity of the vehicle. The reason it’s expensive is that unicycles are not in high demand, and the parts on most 36ers are only for 36ers. This is why the cost is so high.

You don’t want to spend 300-500 on a … bike thats a million times simpler than a … bike :thinking:

36" wheels aren’t common and very few are produced, thus they are more expensive than standard bike parts. For your price “range” of under $150 you will probably have better luck finding a used 29" cycle for commuting on.

I think I need to learn to type faster…

yea i’m just going to cut my 24" arms and extend them, weld them. Then weld the bearings on a large wheel closed and slop something together.

What do i have to lose? lol small unicycles are all over ebay

The bulk of the expense of a 36er is the wheel itself. You will have to buy at least that unless you are a whiz in the shop.

Hey I have a 36 in coker wheel with a frame that I made myself. It also has a kh air seat with custom handel bars. Glow in the dark Jim Cilience pedals. Overall a great long distance rider ready to hit the road again. Email me if interested at colinsmith4@mac.com

Really?? Awesome! Did you make the wheel out of two smaller ones?

i think he meant that he made the frame himself, not the wheel.