Want to buy 19"/20"/24" learner in Europe

I’m new here and I want to learn so I can join one of my friends that have been unicycling for years. My goal is to ride some of the easy MTB tracks around here… but need to start with the basics and a smaller Uni. Then I will likely need an additional larger (M)uni later in the year :grinning:

Anyone has a 19", 20" or 24" that they want to sell and ship to Denmark?
I will prefer something with ISIS (or Qu-Ax) hub as I would like to have something sturdy but I’m open for suggestions.

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Does your friend have a uni they are willing to loan out?

Why not, but might be expensive from France

Sure. He has also offered me a loaner but I prefer to buy something. Even if I upgrade to a larger Uni within reasonable time it seems to be nice to have a smaller one around for learning new skills.

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I’ll send you a message and see if we can figure something out :slight_smile:

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