Wannabee Unitourists: Here's an interesting concept

I just got wind of the Hoodoo 500" via the internal cycling mail list at my company. Sept 15 - 17, 512miles, 30,000 feet of climbing.

Now I think that’s a little much to do in three days on a unicycle, and I’m more about enjoying scenery than about stretching myself to the bounds of human endurance, but I think the concept of a long uni ride through the scenery of southern Utah is pretty cool. It could be a unitour that’s a bit more accessible for folks that don’t have the full two+ weeks and international airfare. Say 5-7 days max, 5-10 people max. Planned right, it could include both desert riding and a pass over the LaSals into Colorado, perhaps up through the historic and restoring town of Pagosa Springs for a nice hot soak.

Given the remoteness, it would have to be supported, and a couple days might end in a tent instead of a motel or B&B. Biggest challenge might be finding the best time of year so it’s warm without over-cooking, but not too cold as to have snow happening in the mountains.

If there was at least one other person that thinks this could be an incredible trip, then we have ourselves an organizing committee.


I think this would be fun.

You got yourself a rider/videographer :slight_smile:

i’d say mid-late october might be your best bet timewise. also, if i can get of work i’d come. i’d have to get a coker first, but whatever, i probably could.

Well this is already heading in the right direction… :slight_smile:

There is a group category of two or four riders with unrestricted rider changes.

There could be a unicycle relay team for the official race consisting of 4 riders switching every 45 miles or so each day.

Probably not as fun as a full tour as Tom was suggesting though.