Wannabe Roach armor?

Browsing around unicycle.com seems to be a habit of mine these days, and as i was doing so, i noticed that along with Roach leg armo(u)r, (DH) there seems to be some new kind of leg armor that looks like a wannabe but is much cheaper… Anyone know if it’s any good? Can be seen at http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=404
(it apears to be foam padding though…)
Anyhow, just thought it was a point of interest.

This “new armor” isnt exactly new. A few people were using the 661’s durring the Nauc in toronto, and many more in snoqualmie (sorry…). It lasts if your a person that wouldnt almost ever go through a pair of roach. Me? im on my third pair of roach in two years. On I ripped in half, and the one im on has a slice through the outter shell. But if that’s not going to happen for you, it might last awhile.

Re: Wannabe Roach armor?

The difference in cost between the 661’s and Roach armour is the difference in quality of material. Roach has ballistic nylon and is much more durable. Also, Roach uses a thicker material on the back of the leg…if I had 661’s they would be shredded whereas my Roaches have withstood (and helped protect me from) several pedal grabs to the back of my leg.

When it comes to safety/protective gear, I say go with the good stuff because you are investing in your body…and maybe even your life. I don’t know that Roach gear has saved anyone’s life but they have saved me a lot of pain.

The 661 are awesome protection, I would highly reccomend.
Rocking my 661s…

That’s a great looking unicycle, I like! Do you want to sell that? :smiley: jk

It looks kinda like mine-it is mine…now

Still lovin it- thanks

Re: Wannabe Roach armor?

Since about a month, I have 661 4x4 combined knee/shin guards. They
serve me well, no complaints as yet on material or protection. Only I
find them a bit cumbersome to put on, with all the Velcro strips that
tend to stick to the wrong places. I have no experience with Roach but
I’ve heard that it’s a little less fiddly.

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i have 661 4x4 pads and i think they provide excellent protection. so far i have had some pretty bad spills and no bad results. there was a post on this subject before that had some good comments on both roach and 661.


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As far as I can tell, the 661s and Roaches are of equal quality - they both rip up just as fast. I personally think that they both have decent design, but that the sewing and material standards could be improved. My Roaches went back to factory for repair months ago and are still out in never-never-land. The 661s are being replaced under warranty. Compared to the hockey and backpacking equipment I’ve owned and worn, both could use some improvement.

By the way…

661 is the area code where the 661 Headquarters is :slight_smile: