wang dynasty is coming...

trailer coming soon.
movie coming soon after that.


are we gonna film anymore? because there is a lot more stuff we can do on saturday so we might as well

is that the australian film you where planning to make a while ago?
will i be in it?

It is mainly stuff we filmed the other day at southbank, we saw a funny place called wang dynasty hence the name. but ask gabe, he might put you in.

ok i thought it was that australian video he made a thead for a while ago
here it is.

so its not that

Yea, I guess we (mainly Gabe) will make that later in the year or something.

should be up soon
sry bout the small image.
i dont have all the footage yet because the cam is outta battery. can repost vid with bigger image tomz

ok then

whadda you think so far

Its not too bad, you could of cut down on dans juggling and put some of his riding in. Other than that I think we need to film more

hehe yeah show the pic of wang dynasty

as i said cams outta batt and cant get more footage onto pc til weekend or new batt.