'wandering spins' and jumping to stand-up ww help

Hey guys. I’ve been deep into practice lately, at the local juggling club. Thankfully, there are some people as addicted to conquering gravity as I am to riding impossible vehicles. We’ve got a great space, a room 50’x50’ or so with a nice smooth floor and a nice tall ceiling. And it’s available for roughly 15 hrs/week, so I’ve got a laundry list of skills I’ve picked up in the past while. That said, there are a few which continue to stump me.

The first is the ‘wandering spin’ - I know the freestyle section of defect (which was far too short, rah!) has one of them, and as far as I can tell it’s a bunch of back/front spins, which I feel that I have down quite solidly, strung together. I’ve never quite been able to get the rythm though, and I was wondering if anyone who can do them could give me a hint as to what it’s like to perform one.

Also, I’ve been spending a lot of time picking up my unicycle after I attempt to jump into 1ft ww from riding. I know I can clear the top of the crown, but my feet can’t seem to find it. I think it may be falling behind me, and I can’t seem to get it to stand straight up as I jump. Any tips?

and a bonus - any quick tips on how to get started with seat push/drag? They’re really stumping me and it makes me sad.

If any of you can do either of these skills, a quick note on what it feels like to do them, obstacles you ran into while learning, or basic things to observe would be absolutely wonderful and most helpful.


Could you describe the way you’re transistioning to stand up ww? Are you doing it freehanded or holding the seat? Rolling or stationary?

The way i learned was to hop in place in the grass, or something that is softer then cement to build up confindence. I would hop in place holding the seat and just practice jumping up to the frame, and then jumping off. Once your comfortable with that try to actually start pushing the wheel.The most important tip i can give is to stand up very straight.Its also important to squeeze the seat with your knees and start pushing as soon as you stand up straight. I had the same problem, i wouldnt stand up striaght and the seat would fall backwards behind me.

I cant help with the wandering spin, but i can do seat drags/pushes so i might be able to help you there.

I would start working on seat drag in front (or seat push) first, as it is easier for picking it back up in the end and easier to balance because you can see the seat. Practice riding seat in front with the seat far extended and putting no weight on the seat. Its important to also make sure you pedaling is even and at a constant speed. At first try holding the seat with your whole hand and eventually work your way to holding it with one finger. When you can do this try dropping the seat and riding.

I hope that wasnt too confusing.

good luck

The seat drag is exactly what I was looking for. I’m actually getting standup ww pretty solidly these days, I can jump-mount and standard-mount into it. My question concerns a rolling transition, basically when I jump up to try and get into a stand-up glide, it’s not working. I’ve been stuck at this stage for a while, so I was hoping to get some pointers. I’m also terrible at hopping, being a freestyle nerd, so I find it much easier to jump while rolling. Maybe I’ll have a go at stationary.