Wallis Muni on E-Bay


I’m bidding on this what do you think it’s worth?

you should send a message to the seller asking if the saddle base is cf.

It just looks like a regular KH seat. Don’t all Wallis seat bases require thomson seatposts? That one is not.

FYI, If I wanted to bid on something on eBay, I probably wouldn’t post it to my potential competition.

The base unicycle is a Wilder. Scott probably modified the frame to add the brake mount. That unicycle is worth a lot more than the $208 it’s currently at! The seller may have a reserve that’s above that as well.

Holy crap, no reserve! I’m almost tempted to bid on it myself…

…But I already have a Wilder. Right now it’s a steal!!

Sixty dollars to ship? What’s the guy going to do, ride it to your doorstep? I also suspect those are 150mm cranks on that old style KH hub. The value here is in the frame - possibly the best frame ever made for Muniing IMHO.


Nope. He gives you the option of a Thomson alu post or a Primo Rod CrMo post.

But yeah, that post is neither.

I am shocked!!! That Muni belongs to one of my old riding buds. I’ve only ridden once since I got injured in Feb of 2006 and had no idea that he’s selling it (I’m out of the loop). It is definately a killer Muni. It was built from scratch by Scott and was not ridden hard. I’d actually consider bidding on it myself, but I don’t even ride the 3 I’ve got. I’m sure the high shipping cost is to help cover the loss he’s going to take by auctioning it off.
Man, I need to find time to get back on one wheel:(

Am I the only one who feels somewhat uneasy calling attention to eBay auctions in progress, when others here may be bidding on same, or selling, for that matter? I’ll bid against anyone if I really want something, but I hate to quash a friend’s opportunity for a bargain, if I don’t want it worse than they do. On the other hand, I’d like to see a friend get the most if they are selling, provided they aren’t getting it from me;)
While it seems ethical to remain as neutral as possible, I must admit I’ve posted apparent eBay bargains in group forums myself. Sellers always benefit from added publicity, and I suppose buyers have only themselves to blame if they pay more than they feel is appropriate, so I guess in the end… buyer beware.