Wallis DG handle - anyone added any foam?


I have been riding with my Wallis Design DG handle since they came out and I love the handle. Recently, I started riding every other day on really rocky and steep terrain. I am now getting a pain near the two leftmost knuckles on my left hand. I grip with my left hand.

I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue and if they added some foam to the handle to make it work without the discomfort. If so, where did you add it and what type of foam did you use?

For me it may be just a technique issue, which I need to look at as well. I have a habit of pulling up hard on the handle when descending steep rocky sections.


…then stop pulling so hard!

I agree that pulling up on the handle can help through technical sections of terrain, but there’s no need to apply an extended force to your handle. Every time you torque on the handle, remain conscious of that grip, and try to find your earliest opportunity to let go.

Try and break your habit by reminding yourself to relax as much as possible throughout your ride… everything from your arms and legs to your face and neck… it’ll conserve your energy, prevent injury and help you keep your balance.

I vaguely recall a Chinese saying: “while the rigid wood breaks, only the flexible blade of grass survives the storm”. If you keep your body stiff, you won’t be able to absorb the bumps and drops of technical muni.

Relax and the riding should get easier.

Sorry, I didn’t address your topic :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really sure if the foam would help all that much. Do you wear gloves? You may want to try a good pair of gloves to see if that makes a difference before you go crazy with glue and foam.

It could also be a strength/practice issue. My hand used to hurt after an hour or so of practicing bunny hops. It stopped hurting after a week or so of practice. I think my hand just got used to it.

You could also try a different position, or use the other hand every now and then. That should help you overall as well. It’s always handy to be ambidextrous.

True, but alas the deathgrip most deffinitely is not an ambidextrous handle.

oops, completely didn’t think before posting that.

I have owned my DG for quite awhile. I am also left handed.

For SIF, I have added a wide strip of foam that envelopes the SIF grip on my base. Stops blisters, gives an amazing hand hold, and prevents leg chafing (for me - may not work for you;)).

For the handle, I have never had any problem with my hands hurting. I think that you are holding the handle wrong, or grasping too hard. Like Maestro8 said, you shouldn’t have so much pressure in any situation. Even on rolling hops, it is my arm that does all the work. I hold the handle just enough so it doesn’t fall out of my hand.

Actually I think he covered it quite nicely. Relaxing your grip, if possible, will probably have more and longer-term effect than adding some foam.

Yes, I know it’s called a DeathGrip. But that doesn’t necessarily mean all the time! Most of the time you should be able to have a relaxed grip, or even none at all, at least until your hand gets better.

The glove idea is also a good suggestion, though I imagine you are already wearing some and the problem is from pulling, not from vibration.

Not an ambidextrous handle:
True, but you can alternate with the other hand for the easy sections. I do that a lot. It’s not so bad with the other hand, just go back to the dominant hand when things get technical.