Wallis Design Help

I have ordered my wallis design base with the DG handle, and a leather miyata leather replacement from UDC. I am selling my uni, except for the hub and cranks; my rear bumper is gone. What bumper would fit best? I will soon show pics of this beast.



The the CF bumpers I make work best because they are are made to do so. The older style Miyata bumpers also work well. The later ones have a different hole pattern and will not work with the insert locations I use. The Kinports also do not work with my inserts because they are the later Miyata pattern. A KH bumper will work with spacers under it, but does not do a good job of protecting the sides of the saddle, and does not work well with the SIF-Grips.



Krashin Kenny just offered me a left handed S Wallis designs Handle. is this oging to fit a GT4 Stiffener plate hole pattern. Thanks for the info, Ben

Yes, it will.