Wallis Design Carbon Fiber Death Grip handle (Left Hand)

Selling a Wallis Design Carbon Fiber Death Grip Handle (left handed)

These handles are very hard to come by. This is a LEFT HANDED handle. The handle was mounted on both a Mountain Unicycle and a Trials Unicycle. It can be mounted on a Kris Holm or Miyata style seat and of course a Wallis Design CF seat. There are no cracks. The wear from typical unicycle riding includes some tiny chipping at the front tip of the handle and some wear along the front and far left corner. The handle is as strong now as it was new.

Photographs show condition.

This handle is currently on auction on ebay at http://www.ebay.com/itm/Wallis-Design-Carbon-Fiber-Death-Grip-Unicycle-Handle-Left-Handed-/131884940222?hash=item1eb4f47bbe:g:Xc0AAOSwqfNXkRmM

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Photos below.

In the image above, the line just above the top hole on the right is a scratch from the edge of an aluminum plate I had to use as an interface between a Gemcrest carbon fiber seat base and the Death Grip handle. The plate was used to raise the handle from the bottom of the seat base so the handle would clear the front lip of the Gemcrest seat base.

The Wallis Design handle has been sold.