Wallis DeRail Seat

I presently have a KH 24 uni with the stock bicycle rail seatpost and Fusion Freeride seat. However, I am considering upgrading to the Thomson seatpost and the Wallis DeRail carbon fiber seat base.

If I went with the DeRail seat base what would be the best way to go as far as padding & seat cover???

Could I take the foam and fusion cover from my KH freeride seat and put it on the DeRail seat or are there better options???

You can do just about anything for saddle fabrication on the Wallis base. It is a bit narrower in the mid section like the KH base, so the KH foam should fit. Others use an inner tube and some foam for an airseat, but you’d have to drill a hole in the back of the base for the valve. Attaching a cover can be an issue if you don’t have tie strings or velcro to pull the cover securely over the base.

The Wallis base is great because it takes a Thomson or equivalent style seatpost, which allows fine-tuning of the tilt.

If I could afford it, the SW Derail would be the only seat I would ride.

I’ve got the SW base, its amazing - probably on of the best investments I ever made for my uni. The freeride foam will fit but the SW base is a little wider in the middle section and a little longer than a normal KH base so its a little bit of a weird fit but it does work.

Contact Scott. He makes custom seat with foams. I’m sure he could sell you some spare foam.

For the seatcover, I would get the miyata replacement leather. It is incredibly comfortable.

You will not be disapointed in the CF base. I also suggest getting the DG handle.