Wall Thickness of Frames

What is the wall thickness all you frame makers use for the forks?

I chose .058" wallthickness, and 7/8" outer diameter of 4130 (chromoly) for the forks of my coker frame. The weight per foot is .5061 lbs, and I am using around 3 feet of it.

Was this a good choice?


Re: Wall Thickness of Frames

That’s plenty thick, but it’s easier to weld.

Re: Re: Wall Thickness of Frames

So if I were to make another coker frame, what size forks do you recommend? (Outer Diameter, Wallthickness, etc.)


Anybody? Please, I need some help.

I have been pondering this, too. I am working on plans for a titanium frame, and all that’s left to the design is the wall thickness. Yes, i should include wall thickness when designing geometry and specs, but I will just make it overkill.

I wouldn’t go less than 0.035-0.040", if not due to loss of strength then due to difficulty to weld. If you will be making multiples, just make it as thin and weak as possible, and then if it’s too weak, make it stronger on the next version.

Here’s what Steve Howard used for a KH-esque frame of his own: http://gallery.unicyclist.com/albun90/aad