Wall riding German style

Another thread from the German forum on unicyclist.com


Here are the links from the thread showing the 65m wall ride (straight down).

Also check out the Fotos page. Interesting stuff there.


Is this an accurate photo or is he holding onto something above the view of the camera? I just thought you might have read whether or not it’s real when you were translating it.



I don’t know if that is trick photography or not. There are people who can ride a rail like that, but since we can’t see his arms we don’t know if he is cheating by holding on to something.

I can’t read German, and the Babel Fish translation is very crude. The translation for message with that phto attached it

That doesn’t make much sense.

To translate the German web pages go to
And plug in the URL for the German web page.

I was just browsing through the German forum looking for interesting links and pictures. It’s hard to make sense of the text.