Wall plant

Does anyone have any tips/approaches/video clips/tutorials on how to wall plant on a unicycle, where you jump off the unicycle plant your feet on the wall, and get back on the unicycle?


i would be appreciative as well for something like this.

i dont know if theres made a tutorail of the wall plant, but xavier collos does it in defect i think… check out www.xaviercollos.com

thank you, hav u ever landed one?

me, no… haven`t even tried… but it looks cool

The trick xavier does in defect is a “wall stall” and is alot harder than a normal wall plant. With wall plants it helps to learn on a slanted wall or a ledge, then once you can do them really fast move on to walls.

is one foot supposed to stay on the pedal?

President Luke: you should totally amke a bunch of tutorials for tricks like this:) Your really good at explaining them:)

i dont think a tutorial is needed for this trick, just go out and try it, when i do them i put both feet on the wall… how i learn most of my tricks is just watch someone do it on a movie or in real life then just go and try it. this has work for EVERY trick i know except the crankflip that i learned from shauns tutroial… tutorials arnt always effective for every trick but can help get the basic idea of the trick.

and for the wall stall u want to grab the back of ur seat insead of the front that way its easyer to get both feet off and back to pedals. and aim hi up on the wall with ur feet so u can push off the wall. thats the best edvice i can give.

any other tricks should i know before trying it?

maybe suicide mounts…

does anyone have a clip of them doing it? that would help me figure out exactly what I should do.


the wall plant is near the end of the movie


thanks, whats that trick where u rap your leg around and then back on the tire?

leg around:)

any more tips?