Wall plant tips?

a while ago i posted a forum asking for wall plant tips, but i didnt have that much success. If you have the slightest bit of help, id greatly appreciate it.


well r u trying to get 2 feet on or 1?

which ever is easier

any1 have more feedback

i didnt get much of a responc

Get comfortable being able to jump off the pedals, and back onto them. Practice no footers, static and rolling.

Then, just ride up to a wall, jump off your uni, get a foot, or both feet on the wall, jump off thew all and land back on the pedals.

well 1 foot is easyer i think but i can do 2 too. for 1 foot ride up and turn slightly and jump and put ur foot up. kinda higher on the wall and then push off it and land back on peadls. its a pretty easy trick. for 2 feet ride up the wall holding the seat in the back. up in onto the wall and then push off with both feet. 2 looks alot better then one foot.

alight, well i can uni-spin which involves jumping off, so do you think i could learn the trick?