walking the wheel?

I need some help with it, please. I nice and simple tutorial would be very nice…thanks in advance

you might be better off posting this in rec sport…theres not much traffic in here.


trust me im learning ths aswell lean back as far as you an even if it feels too far… u may wanna where a helmate i cracked my head on the floor other day

Tips wheel walk

i learn this recently so i’m not perfect yet but i’ll write a few notes on how i did it. dunno how well it will work for u!

I start from a 1 foot idle.
use toe at the top of the wheel,
and roll ur foot down to the heel.
insert second foot close behind heel of first foot
get used to ur feet rolling along the wheel(do this by practicing by a rail)
try to go slow,( ie lean back)
turn by twisting hips
use arms out to the side for balance.
to get back to cycling, wait for a pedal to be horizontal and in front of you do you can easily replace ur foot
practice for 5 months