"Walking machines" related to unicycles.

Yeah I think the UK law would probably get its mitts into it, unless of course they could be made to go moped speeds. But then you would have to have a licence , tax and insurance to drive on the roads…

IIRC the law requires electric cycles to be powered only while pedalling. If the machine doesn’t have pedals then it can’t comply with that requirement, so can’t be classed as an electric cycle. That would then make it a motor vehicle, so it would have to comply with the construction and use regulations for motor vehicles.

ICBW, of course. IANAL, and I haven’t read up much on electric bike regulations because I’m really not all that interested.

Yes, I was more wondering if the lights etc might make it able to be licensed as a motor vehicle. I wouldn’t be in the market for one, but I think it is ridiculous that there is a whole class of innovative vehicles which now can’t be used in the UK in public at all because they fall between two legal stools.


If this contraption cannot be used on public roads, perhaps it’s not so much because it falls between two legal stools, but because it is less safe than a regular electric cycle or a motorcycle. Think only of braking…

Well, I expect that is part of it but the way the law is currently, you cannot use a self-balancing Segway or hoverboard, however low powered, on the pavement but you can’t use it on the road either. And yet you can use an electric bike on the road, or a mobility scooter on either. If they made certain stipulations about speed or braking or whatever then designers could work to that. And you have the ridiculous situation that a disabled person who can sit can mow me down with their mobility scooter quite happily, but one whose condition makes standing easier than sitting Cant do the same with a Segway.

Walking unicycle video

A recent video of a guy trying out a walking unicycle:


It’s not a unicycle, It’s a bipedal :slight_smile:

Hey, that’a about what it looked like when I was trying to learn on Peter Holmgren’s in 1983! Always ended up getting too far forward and having to pedal fast and bumpy. :slight_smile:

BTW, I don’t remember who started using the name, but in the “unicycling literature”, these were called PedoPeds. I like Bipedal also, but without a picture, it sounds a lot more generic where PedoPed seems to conjure more of an image of pedals and feet.

Thanks also! Now I know I can have one for $1,399 US (plus whatever shipping, duties, etc.). Probably too much for Santa to swallow at the moment, but it’s great to know they’re being produced. That one in Spain looked like it got plenty of daily use, so I would consider good odds that it’s reliable.

Actually, in my (very limited) experience with these things, they brake a lot better than a pedaled unicycle. You can lean back as hard as you want, and it will apply all the braking force it can, under more control than doing it with pedals, and much, much safer than going hard with a conventional unicycle brake! It’s more a matter of perception. It only has one wheel, therefore it is inherently less stable. Not really. The limiting factor, outside of the most important part, which is paying attention, is the rider’s skill at steering the thing.