walking/hiking with a uni

There’s a great park that I like to muni in, but its 5 or 6 miles away from where I live and, being 15, I do not have a car to drive there. there also isn’t any public transportation out there. The road is very busy and un-unicyclable becuase of this. Does anyone have any advice on walking with a unicycle, aka ways of strapping on on your back, or onto a backpack? hitchhiking tips are also welcome.


Find an alternative route and ride that way.

If you want to hitch, the uni is a plus. As is a sign with something short but informative. IE: the parks name. You’ll find it easier to get a lift out there as you and your uni will be clean. Stand just before a layby/rest area and smile. Try to make eye contact. If you don’t feel confortable with the driver, don’t get in. Be sure to text the registration plate number to someone and make sure the driver saw you do it.
Lastly, be interesting. They’ve picked you up, so talk to them.

If you decide to walk, take of a pedal and strap the uni to your bag. The crank should be pushing into something that isn’t your back. Maybe a jumper, coat or camelbak, just not your spine, 5-6 miles of that would not be fun.

I try to rig the unicycle so that one pedal is just over your shoulder and there is something fairly firm between you and the crank/hub. I have the saddle/frame pointing down strapped to the bag through the wheel preventing it from swinging around.

Signs help a lot especially if you are not going far.

Be friendly and polite. make sure to thank your ride.

Texting someone the license plate number sounds like a good idea. I would have never thought of that.

I don’t think you should hitchhike, period.

Take a horse and use that where you can’t uni:p


That picture is absolutely priceless…

I think hitchhiking would be a last resort type thing. But if I were to, I think kidnappers might stay away from the 6’2" 170 pound kid with a unicycle and go for someone else. The texting lisense plate idea is great, and is not something that I would have come up with.

well, good that it’s a last resort

i’m 21, 6’2 and 175 and i’d still never hitchhike ahahha

Hitch hiking

Here is a standard cautionary tale about hitchhiking. It is alarmist, but it does suggest that there are a few bad tuckers out there.