Walk The Line

So I was setting up my trampoline outside today and when I was getting all the parts out I decided it would be fun to hop around on it. It makes for a great little trials line. I had 2 little falls, and I just choose to practice my editing, and thought it was kinda funny, anyway.



Edit: Seeing it was taken with my Digital Camera, the quality isn’t the best but not horrible, watch it in “High Quality”.

Trampoline unicycling is really fun. Make sure you take out the pins from one of side of your pedal, or even better, wrap it in cloth before you jump on it. 360 unispins are pretty easy to learn once you are comfortable on the tramp:D .

Nice job! I was also expecting to see you actually hopping on the trampoline! Oh, and why that title, "Walk the line? Is that the name of the song?

technicaly, the intro song :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet, liked the second song. Was that senses fail or scary kids scaring kids? I always get them mixed up.

I’d be setting up my tramp to grind on but my parents won’t let me -_-

Thanks for those comments. The song is Johnny Cash - Walk The Line, so that’s why I named it that. Trampoline uniing is fun. I never have actually tried 360 Unispins, but Jordan can. I find when doing Trampoline uniing, after I get off, I feel like I can’t hop up a curb, and 360 Unispins feel impossible, so I just don’t do it.

Thanks for those comments.


That nice! Youre really hard

Hard? sorry, what do you mean?

I think he meant that trampolene uni is hard. Could be wrong though.

Hahaha, sorry by my English, I want to say… HARD :smiley: I say this in Spanish, It’s how brave more less… :roll_eyes:

I guess he means you’re “brave?” Where’d the video go anyway?

I know what you mean about trying to uni after being on the trampoline, haha.

I’ve tried watching it a couple times myself, but says “user has removed the video”, or something really really close to that.

Hablas en espanol! nuestro hablamos en espanol. Well, i’m able to speak in spanish a little. i can understand a bit. If your more comfortable that way, just speak it. I can read/translate if needed even, but i guess i would be able to translate word for word too much. But, if you want and need to, just speak your native language

Jajaja, Bien Good! but I’m sure that you don’t know this word “jarto” :smiley: It’s a mixture of brave, amanzing, cool, funny… :roll_eyes:

p.d.:see my vid… xD

It says “this video has been removed by the user”

sorry it’s gone, I will have a new vid soon probably though…