Wake Up

Hey Guys.
new short unicycling video.

I hope you will like it.
Thanks for watching.

B! :slight_smile:

Insane! I really liked the combos, smooth and creative! The x-roll-fakie varial roll-fakie varial roll was awesome!

wow, creatif and stylish, good combination :smiley:

very impressive riding. That happen=s so fast to all of the soles of my shoes! At :26 it looked like you missed the crank and were standing on the spokes :astonished: :p, probubly was my favorite combo though. do your glasses ever fall of while riding?

sick riding man i love you style and the x roll compo was sooooo clean :astonished: !!! great song to! :slight_smile:

thanks for the comments. :slight_smile:
mhm my glasses actually don’t fall down. sometimes i have tu push them back and clean a bit. :wink:

This is so sick, I love all your combos! Good music too. :smiley:

Awesome video Buchi! All the combos were so creative!loved all of it.
It’s just still missing the big handrail :stuck_out_tongue:

Brill video? :expressionless:

This is sweet, Buchi. I watch it every day hahaha

haha me too :smiley:
boah ey buchi ich liebe die bayern münchen hose ;D
geiles video ich schaus mir echt jeden tag an^^