Waiting out the heat to ride!

Hey is anybody else waiting out the 100+ degree temps to ride? I really want to go out now but it’s just hell on earth outside! So, as usual I’m waiting ‘till at least 5pm to hit the trail.

It’s 29 Celsius here, or 84 Fahrenheit for those down South of the border.

I too am waiting till it’s cooler out to ride.

I would go practice some bike trials, but the bike is in the shop getting some cranks replaced that were recalled.

I don’t mind biking in the heat because you move a lot quicker than a 20" wheel does… getting a nice breeze.

With the unicycle I find myself blacking out sometimes from the heat because of the lack of passing air cooling me down.

Long story short, be glad you don’t have “Low Blood Pressure” like me… I am exempt from Gym class because of this.

Careful your speakers don’t melt.

No kidding! I just checked the temps in LA county…105 F! Of course, they always measure the temps in the shade, so it’s a lot hotter in the direct sun! :astonished: I’m hoping it will be substantially cooler at the beach with nice breezes when I take my newly pimped out 36er for a 15 miler later on! (Man that bike path is gonna be extra swamped with holiday traffic!)

I’m in Tucson. I feel for ya, brotha.

I went to phoenix this summer and you couldn’t stand outside without sweating. Here in NM its not quite as bad but i still like to wait until around 6.

I’m almost exclusively riding at night now cuz of this heat. It’s been 100 degrees for the last few days :angry:

Oh you’re in SD, do you know Miles and are you a member of SD Muni?

I might go for a ride a little later when it cools down too. It’s 75F right now, still kinda toasty :smiley:

Yesterday it was real warm and got up to about 85F!!!

Are you kidding??? 75F would be like ALASKA compared to our current trip digits!

haha… I grew up in Redlands down there in SoCal, so I know what you’re talking about.

The weather here has turned me into a weather sissy. Anything over 80 and we complain it’s hot, anything under 60 and we complain about the chill. :smiley:

I’m at a toasty 56 Farenheit in AK

Yeah I just joined SD uni a few months ago. I haven’t met Miles yet. I heard his knees are messed up.

Well I hit the MUni trail about 5:30 and this trail brings top mtbrs on a daily basis from dawn to dusk. I was the only person out there at that time! Then I did a 12 miler along the beach bike path. There was a nice breeze but so many ppl leaving and crosseing the bike path it was a contant obstacle course!

i cant ride for at least a month or two because i pulled some ligements in my foot/leg but i do any way even with the 105+ temps i just be extra carfull not to fall

We try to do a weekly muni ride and we have been starting early to beat the heat (7:30 am - which is real early for me). We’re in Memphis and we had quite a few 100+ days but it has been cooling off the last week or two and we are just in the 90’s. I also have been riding at night after my girls go to bed which usually puts me outside after 9:00 pm. I still work up a shirt soaking sweat no matter what time I go out.

The sun is unbearable here now

Surrounded by water, on a small island at the southernmost point in the USA, we never get heat waves. It has never been hotter then 91 f all summer. At night it drops to about 85 (the temp of the sea). I am so looking forward to this fall. It has been evenly hot, without a break, for months. The only good point is the total absence of temps above 91. The sea never gets that hot. Yet it will often be 91 every day of the week. The air is very clean here, and the clear sun is so strong that my garden is dead. I have a free pile of okra and tomatoes and peppers from Oct-May. After that, the plants get sunburn and turn brown, no matter how much you water them. September is only a bit better then Aug, but the bliss season is getting real close. :slight_smile:

ah good old cool temps here :slight_smile:

Here 2. :smiley:

Go out and ride, or you’ll regret it later. We have 10°C here with rains and clouds. Not a pleasant sight to see