Wait a minute, why does this work? (Disc brake question)

Now that UDC doesn’t offer the Spyre due to the recalled caliper design being wider and causing some minor issues while mounting, I’m forced to put together my own setup :roll_eyes: .

Back when you could just buy the kit, I didn’t put much thought into what was really there and why it worked the way it did.

Anyways, I really like the Avid Speed Dial 7 brake lever that came in my kit, so I want to use that lever again. But when I look up some specs, this lever is a long pull brake lever. The TRP Spyre is a ‘road’ disc brake. My understanding was that road disc setups require short pull levers, so why does my long pull Avid lever seem to work so well?

Is it that unicycles don’t go by the same rules as bikes do and lever pull is irrelevant?


The “speed dial” part is to adjust the pull ratio. So you can set it up longer, or shorter pull depending on need. So it will definitely work.

One thing I haven’t tried is using a road caliper with a long pull lever to give a little more space to the rotor.

Thanks jtrops, I knew the lever worked, just wasn’t sure ‘why’, now I know.

Just curious, when you say a little more space to the rotor, what are you meaning?

You are a wealth of knowledge! :slight_smile:

A long pull lever pulls more cable. Pair it up with a short pull caliper, and you should be able to set the pads a bit further from the rotor, and have similar braking to a matched lever/caliper set. Again, I haven’t tried it.

Okay, so that’s why I have more pad clearance with my Spyre/Avid combo, than on my bike which has a road/road setup. Makes sense.