Wahoooo, love my new 29'er!!!

I’ve had it for a week now and already probably put about 100 km on it just commuting back and forth to school. It is a perfectly sweet Bedford 29’er, the new love in my uni life!

The frame is powder coated yellow and will look fabo when my new KH yellow seat arrives. The rim is a double walled Alex and the tire a road ready Kenda. Throw in the Suzue hub and the sturdy black spokes and there you have it, a fantastic road uni.

I must admit to picking up this uni somewhat implusively last week when I was back east visiting with Darren and some of the Toronto unicyclists. Honestly I tried to resist, if for no other reason than to prove friends and family wrong about the fact that I was sure to return from with trip with another uni in hand. But alas, they know me only too well. Besides, that wheel and frame were simply too enticing … it must have been the fault of the lovely yellow powder coat up against the black Alex rim…

Well, once I hit my commute route with the new wheel, it was easy to see why the 29’er club raves about this size wheel. Alright, alright, I concede, a Coker it is not. But this wheel blows away any 24 inch freestyle. It rides like the wind, is light, easy to control, handy when riding transit (if and when necessary) and just plain beautiful to look at.

I love my new wheel!



Go 29’ers! One day we will take over the world :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: Wahoooo, love my new 29’er!!!

Originally posted by Erin Toronto unicyclists. Honestly I tried to resist, if for no other reason than to prove friends and family wrong about the fact that I was sure to return from with trip with another uni in hand. But alas, they know me only too well.
Yup, we knew as soon as you hopped on a big wheel you would be flying down the Canadian trails minus a paycheck or two. What took you so long? I bet this will be the last big uni purchase for a while because that wheel is going to be so much you won’t want to get off!
If you get a chance I posted something about off road Cokering on rec-juggling, (I’m trying to spread the Gospel of One Wheel), read it and get a few ideas for the new Yellow Dragon. carjug

OK, here’s crazy sidebar to the 29" Vancouver saga:

I have had a hankering for a 29er for a while, so I asked Darren in late March if he had any for sale. The answer at the time was no. Upon the successful defence of my M.Sc., I decided to get a 29" Yuni as a reward (I work on a system of self-bribery). I ordered it from a local dealer to avoid the nefarious brokerage fees at Canada customs. Three weeks later, I still hadn’t heard from the bike shop, so I called them up. They contacted uni.com, and found out that there had been a bizarre miscommunication, and my uni hadn’t even been shipped yet! ARG! Erin, meanwhile, had returned from Toronto with a funky yellow 29" Bedford, but was desperately keeping it a secret so that when she came over on the pretense to try my new 29er, she could surprise me with the fact that we would BOTH have one. (Note: Erin also had me convinced upon her return from Toronto that she was taking up high-wire walking…yep, I’m no Sherlock Holmes…). However, the torture of keeping the 29er a secret was killing Erin, so when she found out yesterday that Cambie Cycles/Uni.com had buggered up my order, she came clean. I tried her buzzy yellow 29er yesterday afternoon on the streets of East Vancouver…it is fabulous! It is absolutely fabulous! I am in love…my 24" is so stodgy on the road in comparison! I can’t wait to (finally) receive my sister cycle so that we can tour on them!

In conclusion, I was converted, I am converted, and I am SOOO looking forward to my 29er to arrive!

But hey, my 29" will hopefully arrive only A MONTH after I ordered it…and patience is a virtue, right…and waiting builds character…right?




How much was it?

What are it’s details ,frame /hub/rim/tire/cranks?
You got if from Darren?
I’d love to try a 29er.Can only get better riding all sizes .
Heck I’m only one short of a full quiver myself .

Tim as I mentioned above, but perhaps somewhat embedded in my exuberant ravings about the sweet yellow uni, the specs are as follows:

yellow powder coated 29 inch Bedford frame
Suzue hub
Alex double walled rim
Kenda road tire’
black spokes

I added 127 cranks
and a KH yellow seat (to follow - as it is trapped in Andrea’s delayed order - but, that as you can read above, is another story)

pedals - as the weather and my mood dictates

Price, who really knows?! I grabbed the uni from Darren and ran…tossing a blank cheque over my shoulder to the world’s best uni supplier as I speed off with my new zippy wheel…


You don’t happen to have any pictures of the Yellow beast do you? I, and I assume the rest of us, would like to see it.
BTW, do you have a name for the new uni?


pics, yeah,… sigh, I’d love to have some too…

gotta wait for the yellow KH seat to arrive and then there is always the challenge of finding someone with a digital camera… I’ll work on it though, Daniel.

Names, yes, this uni has already collected a couple:
Darren calls it the “Bedford Killer Bee”, Carjug refered to it as the “yellow dragon”… Any other ideas…


I have to defer to StrongBad on this one, and suggest The Yellow Dart as a cool nickname. It should be worth 5 or 10 extra credit points, at least.

you know, for kids,
John M

Re: Wahoooo, love my new 29’er!!!

On Fri, 2 May 2003 14:30:51 -0500, Erin
<Erin.mtgoy@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

>Any other ideas…
My Yuni 29’er (sold as 28’er though) I have called De Dame, which
translates to The Lady. Origin: my wife thought that she (De Dame I
mean) looked so ladylike next to my mean 24 x 3 MUni which is called
Het Beest (The Beast).

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

"More people are killed by donkeys each year, than in air crashes. "

I had a quick look in the thesaurus and found a few words you could consider:
Blaze, Incinerator, Gleaming, Scorched.
From these a number of combinations could arise:
Gleaming Brute
Radiant Hooligan
Glinting Incinerator
Whirling Commander
Those words might not be what you are looking for but I have submitted them anyway. I have hardly ever named anything so I am not the best person for suggestions.

Go Yellow-bellied-Monstrosity!

Re: Wahoooo, love my new 29’er!!!

Hi Erin,

How many Uni’s are in that collection of yours now? I’m guessing four…

24" Street
20" Trials
24" MUni
29" (hmmm… roadster) :stuck_out_tongue:


Re: Re: Wahoooo, love my new 29’er!!!

Hummm, ok Jason, you’ve got my number!!! :wink:

Yup, someone’s been keeping track… I do indeed own four fine one wheels now. But in defense of myself, I ride pretty well every one of them on any given week (actually after getting the 29’er last week I suggested to my friends that it might be wise for me to sell the 24" street uni as the 29’er has clearly become my road uni of choice now but they argued that everyone needs one freestyle uni for practicing skills and in case of going into the track events at the Nationals… so I don’t know, I may have to stay a four uni gal …:smiley: )


Re: Re: Re: Wahoooo, love my new 29’er!!!

Don’t see a Coker in that list, Ms Soon-to-be-5 Erin :slight_smile:

I will be getting a 29" ‘eventually’ now that I broke my 26" wheel (which fits in the 29" Bedford Frame) I will replace it with a 29, just because it makes more sense having a 24, 29 than a 24, 26 you know?

This won’t be for some time though, as it will only be something that fills the gap when I think I ‘need’ something new :slight_smile: