Wahoo! Maggie Rides!!

Well, she did it! Maggie did her first real solo ride today. She tried hard last spring, even e-mailing with JJuggle’s Emma for a bit, but then sort of took a break… We started up again a couple of weeks ago though and we’ve been playing at the local park, riding down a crushed stone path with a nice gentle slope, and today she just kept riding… about 50 meters (or 50 yards).

She’s about to explode, she’s so proud. Me, well, yeah, a little… <blushes>

Then we rode home about a kilometer (~1/2 mile), hand in hand on our unis.

Pretty cool - a good day for Dad.


ps. the pic doesn’t display right for me, but it’s OK in the gallery:
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It’s a good thing she had a helmet on, otherwise that grin would have spit her head all the way around.

Congratulations to both of you. :sunglasses: :smiley:

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Please give Maggie our congratulations. What a great day for her. (And for you, too!)

Raphael (still waiting :slight_smile: ) Lasar
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Congratulations Tim and Maggie. There is nothing quite like riding a unicycle with your daughter. I hope you have as much fun riding with her as I do riding with my girls.

All three of my girls ride. The 8 year old and I rode for a couple of miles through town today. Just as she was going to sleep tonight, she said: “Dad, thanks for riding Unicycles with me today!” Life doesn’t get much better than that. :smiley: --chirokid-- :smiley:

Congradulations!! That’s quite an achievement!

That is so cool.

Launching into the abyss and the first successful ride is huge. The learning never ends.

Pretty soon she’ll be schooling you on the new skills.

Happened to me.:slight_smile:

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I didn’t get the original message on Usenet, just some replies. Their
subject lines start with “Re:”. There are more threads like that
making me suspect that I don’t get all posts (once more).

Anyway congrats to Maggie and to the proud father. I can confirm that
riding with your daughter is a great experience!

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Re: Wahoo! Maggie Rides!!


My daughter (6 years old now) still cannot ride solo, because she does not dare to simply ride away. She has all the balance and can ride holding only a rope, but she is too much feared of falling.


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My youngest was very apprehensive and finally launched into the abyss a couple weeks before her sixth birthday. We just counted pedal strokes before she had to step off (upd) to the front. We actually counted each 1/2 revolution as a pedal stroke to inflate the numbers. In no time she was a rider!