Wacky Unicycle/unicyclist needed in Los Angeles


My unicycle website in Los Angeles fished out another interesting request.

Anyone know anyone that can fill this bill?

Here is the text from two emails on what is requested.

A friend of mine is looking for a unicyclist performer for a special event near downtown Los Angeles… Specifically anybody that has any customized cycles or anything that resembles an airplane… I know it’s wacky, but if you know of any wacky unicyclists - please let me know."

This is a follow up email when I requested some more info on the description:

“Well, she has a guy in from out of town that she is really interested in, but he may not be available. Sounds like she wants a 1920s style barnstormer/early gadgets and contraptions of flight kind of thing… goggles, leather helmet… something of that nature. Any ideas?”

Contact at

Chris Nichols
Los Angeles magazine
cnichols (att) lamag (dott) com