Wacky Uni

While anxiously awaiting the arrival of new cranks for my spare 20", My brother bent one of his cranks doing a drop off a 15" deck. Alas, now we were down to only one uni…of course, being the geniuses that we are, we decided to put the bent and twisted 6" crank arm and put it on the 20" uni with the still good 5" crank.

I’m sure we’re not the first to have tried mismatching crank arms, but it makes for a pretty squirrely ride, mostly because one of the arms was so bent and twisted. Just as a general rule, Torker Chromes are definitely not built for trials.

But hey, if you find yourself with a bent crank or a mismatched pair, don’t throw 'em out, jus tmake a wacky uni.

Me and m_exteme_uni played around on my Coker with one 170mm crank, and one 102.

We discovered that this made for a Coker with torque, or speed, providing you could ride one footed exceptionally well