Waaaaay old Coker wheel.

I got an old Coker frame. Now I need an old-ass Coker wheel. Pretty much any 36" wheel with 95mm or 100mm bearing to bearing. :smiley:

If you have one of the original steel Coker frames with pressed bearing holders you can pretty much use any 36er wheel. It’s pretty easy to re-set the legs to fit a wider hub, and the pressed holders work fine with any of the bearings out there.

How could I re-set the frame to fit a wider hub?

The easy way is to just stand on one leg, and pull up on the other. In a perfect world you would also align the bearing holders, but on my old Coker it didn’t seem necessary.

duuuude, you should have posted this a week ago.

I went through Binghamton with an old steel Coker wheel Nathan gave to me. I would have given it to you for free.

Back in Canada now so it wouldn’t be worth shipping.

Good luck with your search, and yah a wider hub shouldn’t be much of a problem with the old steel frame.

So, would 42mm bearings be “safe” to use in the 40mm beaing holders?

The pressed bearing holders are very adaptive. If your frame is like my old big one you won’t have a problem.