w00t!!! i did it!

i kno to most of you guys this is nothing but its a big step for me…today i got my highest hop. i made it up 2 pallets and a 2x4 thats like 10 inches right? as appose to yesterday when i could only barely make 1 pallet. im so stoked. just an omen of higher hops to come

i can jump up that high too :stuck_out_tongue:
i have to work on jumping up 2 pallettes and 2 2x4’s right now…

EDIT: I also have to work on getting better at crank-grab-to-rubbers…

me too i gotta get those crank grabs…but not yet…i only have a cotterless hub and i weight bout 200 lbs so this hieght is just fin for me …for now…muahhahahahahahahahha.cough

Congratulations. What made the difference? Did you change your technique?


hink it was the fact that i just grew some balls and went for it…it was just a confidence thing i believe…and i will be goin much higher when i get my trials uni and my leg armour at the end of this month

I’m gonna have to get leg pads or something because I pre-hop like cawazy and the seat I have isn’t exactly the best for pre-hops because it rubs against my legs and I get gasp rashes!!! They hurt like hell and I can’t ride for a couple days…

cheese IS good…

I’m enormously far from being the best to give advice on hopping high, but the one thing I noticed early on was that I could afford to tuck the seat up/pull the uni up much furthur than I realised, even when hopping seat in which is what I mostly do. Maybe you could think about that next time you’re out hopping. It has to be a really quick movement though so that the seat is at its highest point when you are at your highest point.


OMG i get the worst rashes too! i found that if you put some duct tape or something of the sort on the back of the seat it helps or just try really hard (took me a long time) but just try not to hold the seat to your skin…the reason i get rashes is NOT from my seat but from the seat rubing on my jeans and the jeans cause the rash. I am still recovering from my last rash. So try duct tape or just wear like those shiny sport shorts or just not jeans or clothes like that. Hope that helps

yeah andrew i have notice that…thats why my seat is so low…its like 3-4 inches below me when standing up hopping. im not quite comfortable with seat out yet so im just going to keep my seat low and keep hoppin higher