Vote for UNiVERsE !!

UNiVERsE is up for the:

I think everyone should support unicycling and vote for the film! (Not that it would have a hard time winning without our support.)

The site claims this:

The Tube panel of judges will be using the online poll results as a factor in determining what films get screened at the festival.

Here’s the link:

I hope everyone votes!

ChecK out my site—>

Is it possible to vote without viewing the clips?
I can’t view them without downloading the ‘Realone player’ which I’m not going to do.

Please, don’t stuff this up like the gravity games. No cheating, or the image of the sport will just go downhill.

I was guilty of cheating in the gravity games poll, I’m, not going to do the same thing here - I regret cheating on the other site.

I know theres lots of you out there who could, if they wanted to, construct some sort of system for cheating … but thats not what we want, is it?

One vote per person or they wont take us seriously.

Dude, the year 2000 was, like, 3 years ago.

So how did it do?


HOW did I overlook that! sigh Oh well… I guess everyone has their crappy moments, and this was just one of mine. :roll_eyes:

I am curious though if it made it into the festival and if it won anything…
I’m going to ask Dan Heaton and find out!!
I’ll post the result here on this very post!!


If you click on ‘winners’ on the right hand side of that page:

Winners’ wrap up and packed houses highlight Tube Film Festival

Held in conjunction with the ESPN X Games, the first ever Tube Film Festival, unspooled to popular acclaim feature films, clips and animated shorts that captured the action of today’s hottest alternative sports stars, Sunday August 20 and Monday August 21 in The Theater at Yerba Buena Center for Arts, Third and Howard Streets in San Francisco. Tube today announced festival winners and audience favorites as well as plans for next year’s Festival. The X Games is owned, organized and televised by ESPN, Inc. Adobe Systems Incorporated is the official sponsor of the Tube Festival and the 2000 ESPN Summer X Games.

Chosen by the audience and a panel of judges (comprised of athletes and filmmakers), this year’s winners are:

• Adobe Best Overall Film: SETH: THE HARD WAY (4 Leaf Entertainment in association with Enuf Said Productions, produced by Seth Enslow, Bryan Jordan, Bobby Williams, Erick Hilton, and Mike Shaw), a lively look at gravity-defying daredevil motocross maniac Seth Enslow.

• Adobe Best Highlight Film: SEPTEMBER SESSION (directed by Jack Johnson, produced by Kelly Slater, co-produced by Emmett Malloy), the latest surf documentary from watery wunderkind Jack Johnson.

• Adobe Best Animated Film: BILLY’S BALLOON (directed Don Hertzfeltdt), a hilarious look at a boy and his balloon.

•ComChoice Audience Favorite: MIRACLE BOY AND NYQUIST (directed by Steve Olpin, Executive produced by Kevin Foxe and Mitch Edwards, produced by Stin Anderson), an exciting look at two of the world’s fiercest and most popular BMX riders Dave Mirra and Ryan Nyquist.

I talked with Dan Heaton

Here is what he said: