Vote for unicycling!


theres a trials video competition in Germany and we shouldnt let those 2 wheeled guys win, so please support unicycling and vote for Lutz’ and my Video.

Click wählen to vote for the vid. After that there will be a popup, where u need to fill in your:

  • surname
  • name
  • nickname
  • street
  • postal code /zip code
  • city
  • telephone number (just type in anything if u dont want to submit it)
  • email
  • and check the box


where i vote?
i cant speak german

done :stuck_out_tongue:


farrad ist nicht so gut :wink: I hope that was right lol

Vote from me.

It’s fahrrad, but you can just say rad. :slight_smile: “Bike isn’t that good” I didn’t understand or is that “Bikes aren’t that good”? …anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not that good at German either.



fahrraeder (i think that is the correct plural) sind nicht so gut.

That would be best I believe

Just voted, Rocco you went bigger than a lot of the guys in the bike videos.

i’ve just voted, good vid. :wink:

I voted !!!

That was a cool vid.

Einradfahren ist Spitze!

(slogan on a sweatshirt I got from Manfred Hartung in 1983. It got left unattended on a bench at Unicon VI in 1992 and disappeared.)

i have voted to

I’m surprised sweatshirts saying “unicycling is great” existed in 1983.

I can’t vote! :frowning:

Die Abstimmung ist leider vorbei…

You were great & I voted for the uni vid. But in all fairness, the bike trials guy was great, too.

I wanted to vote, but I can’t vote anymore.
Sorry Rocco.
But I wanted to say that I realy enjoi that movie.


I hope to learn some day

some alert comes up, i cant vote, and i cant read the alert!

what did the alert say?